Class Attendance

  1. Attending lectures, practicals and other scheduled classes is mandatory for all students.
  2. The Registrar – Academics issues official Class Lists to respective teaching staff as well as the Schools/Departments by the 2nd week of the semester.
  3. Only students who have registered for a course are authorized to attend the classes and assessments/examinations for that course.
  4. It is the duty of the student to make arrangements to attend all classes and other required sessions as scheduled, whether they are physical, online, or self-paced.
  5. A student who fails to attend classes for a consecutive or cumulative period of three weeks (or 25% of teaching time) in a semester is not allowed to take examinations in that course.
  6. Absence for periods totaling more than three weeks in a semester is considered as absence for the whole semester.
  7. A class attendance register is kept for all classes for purposes of determining satisfactory attendance. For online classes, tracking of attendance is done using the Online Learning Management System of the University, or any other prescribed technology systems.
  8. Where a student has valid reasons for failure to attend classes, the same should be communicated in writing to the Course Instructor and to the School/Department through the School Administrator.
  9. Continued unauthorized absence from classes or other scheduled academic activities may result in disciplinary sanctions against a student, including but not limited to discontinuation, or notification of the sponsor/guardian.
  10. Requests to be absent from studies for a semester should be forwarded through the School for approval by the Registrar – Academics in line with the guidelines in the Deferment section. This applies to all modes of study.