Graduation Policy

  1. Graduation Requirements:
  • Completion of all academic requirements for the chosen program.
  • Fulfillment of credit hours as specified by the university curriculum.
  • Minimum GPA requirement as outlined by the respective department.
  1. Application for Graduation:
  • Students must submit a formal application for graduation by a specified deadline.
  • Application includes verification of completed coursework, GPA, and any outstanding requirements.
  1. Graduation Ceremony:
  • The university hosts an annual graduation ceremony to honor and confer degrees upon graduating students.
  • Participation in the ceremony is optional but encouraged.
  • Ceremony details, including date, time, and venue, are communicated well in advance.
  1. Graduation Regalia:
  • Mandatory Regalia: Students are required to wear the official university graduation gown, cap, and tassel.
  1. Distribution of Regalia:
  • The University will rent regalia on behalf of the graduating students.
  • Clear instructions regarding regalia pickup, and return are provided.
  1. Regalia Guidelines:
  • Proper Attire: Students are expected to wear the regalia appropriately during the ceremony.
  • Regalia Return: Rented regalia must be returned within the specified timeframe to avoid additional fees.
  1. Honors and Distinctions:
  • Recognition of academic honors: Students achieving specific distinctions, such as “First Class Honors,” “Second Class Upper Division,” “Second Class Lower Division,” and “Pass,” “Distinction,” “Credit” are acknowledged during the ceremony.
  • Students receiving these distinctions have corresponding distinctions on their regalia.
  1. Faculty Participation:
  • Faculty members play a vital role in the graduation ceremony, presiding over different academic disciplines, and conferring degrees upon graduates.
  • Faculty involved in the ceremony adhere to designated roles and responsibilities assigned by the university.
  1. Guest Attendance:
  • Guidelines for the number of guests each graduating student can invite to the ceremony are communicated.
  • Guests are expected to adhere to the university’s code of conduct during the event.
  1. Communication and Updates:
  • Regular communication via email, university website, or other official channels ensures students are well-informed about graduation-related details.
  • Any changes or updates to the graduation policy are communicated promptly.
  1. Post-Graduation Services:
  • Career counseling, alumni services, and resources are available to assist graduates in transitioning to post-graduation life.
  1. Compliance and Review:
  • Compliance with the graduation policy is expected from both students and faculty involved in the ceremony.
  • Periodic reviews and updates to the policy are conducted to ensure alignment with evolving university standards.